About Us

I’ve been certified in esthetic services since 2011 and spray tanning since 2019. I knew that my journey in life would result in one day owning my own business – and that one day is now! I have always valued the importance of taking care of myself by living a healthy lifestyle. Living a healthy lifestyle to me not only means eating healthy and exercising, but also paying attention to what products I put on my body. I live daily by the phrase look good, feel good. If this phrase resonates with you, then I look forward to meeting you because I want to make sure you look good AND feel good too!

How did Oak Mist Esthetics Inc. find its name?

With countless hours of trying to find a name that would fit, Oak Mist Esthetics Inc. founded its name after discovering that oak bark was used in the process of tanning leather. With Oak Mist Esthetics Inc. specializing in spray tanning, incorporating the word ‘oak’ and ‘mist’ seemed fitting for its name