Spray Tanning

Oak Mist Esthetics Inc. uses beautiful, natural looking, top of the line spray tanning products from Nuda. Nuda provides a range of different colour options to perfectly match your spray tan to your natural colour. Products are made with naturally derived ingredients, 100% vegan friendly, cruelty-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, nut-free and water-based. Pick from either an original spray tan or a rapid spray tan.

*Important* The spray tan solutions used do not have SPF in the products. If you have a spray tan, you can still experience a sun burn and must continue to wear SPF.*

Original Spray Tans (Shower within 8-10 hours): $50.00

Rapid Spray Tan (shower anywhere from 1-5 hours): $60.00

Add Ons

How to prepare for your spray tan:

  • Exfoliate: Alright, I’m going to let out the biggest secret for a successful spray tan: Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! And did I mention exfoliate? Days leading up to your spray tan exfoliate 2-4 times before (with non-oil based exfoliating product) your appointment. But it is extremely important NOT to exfoliate 24 hours BEFORE your spray tan.
  • Water exposure: Try to arrange your schedule around to shower hours before your appointment. Shower the night before if you must. If you absolutely need to shower prior to your appointment, do this 3 hours before. Within this 3 hour window, do not use any soaps and only rinse.
  • Hair removal: Make sure that you are hair-free before your appointment. Coordinate your timing and shave, wax/sugar and exfoliate 24 hours BEFORE your spray tan. Anytime within this 24 hour period runs a risk of your pores remaining open. This could give your skin a blotchy, spotty look as the cosmetic bronzer can soak into your pores. It is crucial to allow adequate time to allow your pores to close before the spray tan.
  • Appropriate hydration of skin: Days leading up to your spray tan, make sure to moisturize and hydrate your skin! But within 24 hours before your tan, hold off on using any lotions, oil-based exfoliating products and gels/cream-based shaving products. There is a risk that these products can leave a residue on the skin, resulting in blocking the solution from developing on your skin. When you arrive to your appointment, if there are any dry spots a barrier cream will be applied.
  • Embrace natural beauty: Feel proud to use the excuse of “I’m going natural today” and arrive to your appointment without wearing makeup, deodorant, sunscreen, creams or perfume.
  • Clothing: Making sure that you feel comfortable and respected is my utmost importance. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in for your spray tan. You may wear your own undergarments or bring a bathing suit to your appointment. Disposable underwear is available if you choose.
  • Clothing: And finally, ditch the going out, tight fitting clothing immediately after your spray tan. Make sure to bring dark coloured and loose fitted clothing to your appointment to change into after your spray tan.

How to care for your spray tan afterwards

  • Clothing: Just in case you skimmed over “How to prepare for your spray tan” I shall remind you again: ditch the going out, tight fitting clothing immediately after your spray tan. This is important! I’m even talking about wearing a bra or socks immediately following your session. Also be mindful with the shoulder straps from bags and seat belts.
  • Developmental time (when to shower): Depending on which beautiful solution you use for your spray tan, either the original solution or the rapid solution, the developmental time for your spray is crucial. If you get the original solution, wait 8-12 hours before showering. If you upgrade and decided to go with the rapid solution, shower within 1-5 hours after your session. With the rapid solutions, it is crucial to note that you are the active decider in how light or dark you want your spray tan to be. If you shower within the 1-2 hours, your spray tan will result in a lighter tan. Shower within 3-4 hours and your spray tan will result in a medium tan. Shower within 4-5 hours and you spray tan will be a dark tan. Please note that with the rapid solutions, it is normal to not notice a tan after getting out of the shower. That is okay! The developmental period of the spray tan goes on for 24 hours, so you will start to notice a gradual tan throughout the remainder of your day.
  • Avoid spray tan on inside of hands: Alright, so you just left your spray tan session, and you are feeling dry, yes! Please still avoid touching your skin with your hands during the development period. If you happen to touch your skin in areas of which the spray tan was applied, wash the interior of your hands immediately as there is risk for transfer of the product from your skin to your hands – and no one wants spray tan palms! But be mindful when washing your hands that the exterior part of your hands does not get wet.
  • Sweat and water exposure: Hold off on doing any activities where you can sweat or encounter any liquids during the development period. Think: spray tan day = rest day. Check the temperature for the day. If it is raining or snowing out, cover up!
  • Makeup: Continue to embrace the natural look during the development period and do not wear makeup, creams or perfumes.
  • Sleepwear: If your spray tanning session was later in the day and need to sleep during the developmental period, wear long, dark, loose fitted clothing to bed. You may also cover your hands with loose fitting material to prevent the bronzer from getting onto your bed sheets.
  • Shower: Now it is finally time to shower! You will notice the colour of the water to be bronzed initially. This is the temporary bronzer from your spray tan. Continue to rinse until the water is completely CLEAR. Do not use any soaps during this initial shower.
  • Hydrating your skin: Resume hydrating and moisturizing your skin. Avoid using mineral and petroleum oil creams as this could result in your spray tan fading away prematurely.
  • Exfoliating: Once you notice that your spray tan is starting to fade, exfoliate your skin. But make sure to NOT exfoliate while your tan is still looking great.
  • Special occasions: If you are planning for a spray tan for a special occasion or just getting a spray tan because you can (#selfcare), make sure to wax/sugar BEFORE your spray tan. Think of your spray tan as “the icing on the cake”. If you absolutely need to shave while you still have your beautiful spray tan, you may occasionally shave softly.
  • Hygiene products: For any aftercare routines following your spray tan: When using soaps or cleansers, avoid oily or exfoliating/abrasive products. Avoid brushes as well. Avoid lotions, soaps and body washes made with mineral oils, petroleum or alcohol as this can fade your tan. Do not directly spray perfume on the skin as this can affect your tan. Warning: strong anti-acne products can dry out the skin and fade your spray tan.
  • Exercising and water exposure: And finally, last but not always least be mindful of activities that can cause your tan to fade faster: sweating excessively, spending time in jacuzzis or saunas, soaking in baths or showering daily.

Additional things to consider BEFORE your spray tan

  • If you are booking a spray tan for a special event, book a day or two before.
  • Do not book for your spray tan on the same day that you are getting other beauty treatments services (manicures, pedicures, waxing/sugaring, last extensions, massage, etc.) done. Your spray tan should be the last beauty service to get done following at least a 24 hour period. Having a beauty service on the same day before your tan could result in the products used from those services (such as lotions and oils) becoming a barrier to the spray tan developing. Having these services done on the same day after your spray tan could result in the spray tan from fading away (due to soaking, steaming, scrubbing, exfoliating, etc.).
  • The spray tan solution can cause staining/discoloration to your natural nails. The solution however does not stain nail polish, gels or acrylics. If you want to add extra protection to your nail beds from discoloration you may wear a clear coat of nail polish.

Contraindications/Things to Consider Before Your Spray Tan